Glikeriya is a multidisciplinary graphic designer and art director currently based in Providence, Rhode Island. Her career began in an unconventional setting as the owner of an underground techno club in a post-Soviet factory, which she transformed into a cultural landmark in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Over the past seven years, Glikeriya has organized numerous events and festivals, collaborating with artists worldwide. She also introduced the influential Russian lifestyle magazine “The Village” to Kazakhstan, significantly impacting the local media landscape. Additionally, she has been a vital supporter of local businesses, providing them with affordable spaces and fostering a creative community.
    Besides organizational and legal responsibilities, Glikeriya managed all visual communications for her venue, leaving a lasting mark on the poster culture in Kazakhstan. 
    Growing up in a family of civil engineers and biologists, she has infused her work with a blend of technical precision and scientific curiosity. Her style is systematic yet playful and experimental, reflecting her diverse interests in worldbuilding, technical innovation, community creation, and developing identities for various venues and events.
    She is passionate about graphic design education, third spaces, and cultural experimental events that bring people from different backgrounds together. Glikeriya is also interested in graphic design as a tool for building a sense of belonging for various social groups, combining it with deep research about the socio-cultural impact of capitalism on younger generations.


Main dancefloor
Poster design
Art Installations
The venue
“Digital forest” art installation and one-day project showcase event at Asanbay Center, 2018, Kyrgyzstan