Printed on 70lb Vanilla
Finch Opaque Vellum
Text paper
Master’s Thesis explores alternative methods for organizing a cultural center, focusing on collective knowledge and its accessibility to local communities. Divided into three acts (Act One: There, Act Two: Here, and Act Three: Together), it examines how to organize communities as cohesive entities and utilize industrial spaces as bridges between knowledge and its carriers. Addressing societal alienation, decentralized creative communities, and inaccessible real estate for younger generations, it emphasizes the need for dialogue between authorities and those in need. The book visualizes “Third Places” as a middle ground between work and home, fostering belonging through Graphic Design. It proposes transforming an industrial warehouse in West Providence, Rhode Island, into an event space to invite community gathering and activation. By organizing conceptual events and performances, the work examines the potential of such projects as catalysts for societal change, presenting a prototype for communal organization and space occupation.

Spring 2024;
Providence, Rhode Island;