What’s For Dinner?

Visual identity, 3D design, performance,
event organization

When I moved to Providence as an international student, I was only allowed to bring two suitcases and a carry-on bag. Leaving an entire life behind and diving into the unknown was both exciting and scary. However, after a year of living abroad, I found new friends and, with them, the sense of home that I really needed. We cooked together, missed our homes together, and shared our cultural differences at small gatherings.
    This is the first event I organized in the space in Olneyville, RI after my friend Dennis, who manages it, allowed me to use it for my thesis. Inspired by Mindy Seu’s “On Gathering,” I invited people who make me feel at home to activate the space.
    Recorded dinner conversations were turned into a binary code and uploaded onto a USB driver. This recording audio will be used as a connection for the next musical event. USB has been 3D printed in the shape of a venue.

Fall 2023

Pattern created using Processing
Opening titles for my thesis
Inspired by Ursula K Le Guin’s “Theory of carrier bag” screen printed tote bags for guests
Dinner conversation was transcribed and four most used words were turned into binary code
Wireframe of a venue
USB with uploaded dinner conversations
As a prompt for musicians invited in the future, they will have to use the Dinner conversations recording during their set